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This form of acupuncture is used for mainly chemical  and substance abuse and misuse, as well as stress management, relaxation, and detoxification.

Sun Dial

The therapist has had training from both Ear Acupuncturists and Nada, followed by training from The British School of Yoga were the crystal healing was learnt. This formulated the now form of Thermo-Auricular Acupuncture or Acupressure that is used. The same way needles are on the meridians, we can use crystals aswell, as opposed to entry in to the body the crystals are used to break down blocks in the Acupuncture place just the same way. In Auricular Acupuncture the therapist inserts small sterile needles just under the skin surface to stimulate the body, this helps it to heal and promote well being. The therapy improves the health of the Acupuncture and acupressure spaces, the meridian lines and the connections between them. The therapy originates from the Orient and uses the Acupuncture spaces of the ear to deal with withdrawal, to counteract obsessive, aggressive functional or compulsive behavioural disorders and mental health issues, to facilitate rehabilitation. The therapy is governed by high health and safety protocols.

The therapy derives from China in 5000BC, and has been specifically designed to alleviate drug and alcohol cravings and to aid in the detoxification process. The practice uses the ear as a hologram of the whole body, to be precise like an upside down fetus, where it has over 220 acupuncture points.

Treatment: Results can be felt from the first session, and regular application can lead to beneficial rehabilitation.

Applications: Withdrawal (Chemical & Substance abuse). Insomnia. Eating Disorders. Stress Management.

Cessation Techniques, Observations, and Effects: Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Appetite Improvement, Positivity and Confidence Clarity, Equilibrium, Balance, Co-ordination.

The protocols of both Ear and Nada are simple, they use a 7 or 5  acupuncture place system, these are designated space that have been researched for many hundreds of years. The places are used a aid detox and open channels in the body to release the stress and stain gathered there in. The whole therapy is quick and easy to preform and has a good effect for clients.

If a client does not like needles then there is the possibilities of using the therapy in a less invasive way by using crystals, if there not one way we have others, and pleased to help.