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Staying Healthy

Remaining healthy psychologically and physically in a time where we are made to think and are being told that we have no immunity without the intervention of pharmaceuticals medicines and too arm ourselves with technology that is fundamentally unhealthy. As the world has been evolving eon after eon and the level of natural healthy resources is dwindling by human’s lack of respect for the planet. Our world is a living energy and entity that needs the respect that it deserves were we return to times when we gave the earth the veneration that is so vitally needed. I look at the way we as a human race have degraded the planet for personal gain, and find that the further we remove ourselves from the natural order of things, to a so-called technology advanced state that we de-evolve and deteriorate the very essence of own existence. We as part of humanity really need to see the parallel of a natural spiritual state where our health is derived from our state of mind and the way we respect the world around us. Psychologically we are harassed into a state of animated panic on mass, this we have not seen in many years the level of manipulation that is occurring. Panic buying, credit, debt, all geared around making the wealth wealthier, controlling the masses to send savings or forcing people to spend savings to keep themselves by stopping them from working, instead of mandatory health protocols.

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Looking and learning the ways that the public are guided like sheep unknowingly to update, and stay in the know yet blinkered completely at the same time. The idea behind is send people’s realities in to chaos so lowering their health both psychologically and physically, so making them susceptible to ill health. Making them dependent on a system that is made for making money out of them, through pharmaceuticals. With this all going on, I have could to the conclusion that it is best to stay calm and carry on. Not to panic, buy what I needed as usual, stay extra health and eat well, keeping my energy levels up. As I study the situation the more, I come to the conclusion that people’s conditions are just getting worse because their health issues are just getting exacerbate, if they have been ill anyway their ill health has become worse because of the technology we are using that combined with stress at this present time are just psychologically depressing so causing health issues . This combined with the chemicals sprayed into the sky, or on food or just bad food and nutrition. We as a human race have become far too separated from the natural order and the guidance, we have been given by the spiritual realms. So, we need to remove the false unhealthy beliefs, and regain composure. Getting healthy and stay that way is now the ultimate goal.

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