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      These charts have been created for people, that may have the need to contemplate detoxing, getting well, raising there levels of energy, toning up, body building, putting on weight and learning to keep it on. Basically for all the people that would like to have healthier lives generally, there are ways that eating a good clean diet can aid mostly all of the human race as a whole. Showing the next generation how to look after themselves and prosper by doing so. These are Food & Nutrition Combining Charts produced by Nature's Larder that aid  a person to prepare healthy meals, to sustain themselves, and there families. Full of information on digestion times, what combining is all about which food types and categories actually go together. The quantities to aid hydration, and amounts of energy that need to be ingested, for good health and well being.



Within these pages is evidence that may aid the ever voyaging participant, on life's ever ambling path, whether they be in the wilds or city dwellers. There are charts to aid with food combining, as well as assistance in the form of nutrition tips. These Food Combining Chart are aimed at the people who like having a mindful nature, and that do like to aid themselves within their lives to progress in a healthy way. Whether they are in recovery from illnesses or just detoxing. 

The art of food combining is a simple one, and an easy one to get used to and get the hang of, once you have mastered the basic skills of categorizing the food types as once this is done, all you have to do is match up the categories and you have well combined meals. 

The food categories are simple were fruit or vegetables are concerned the world made them simple and they fit somewhere in the larger picture, so it's a matter of learning which group each one is in.  

Fruit is where we will start as it is perhaps our original beginnings in the first place, if Darwin was right and our ancestors were the primates or even further into the past and amoeba of our fair home Gaia or Terra to some, then fruit is the first item we will look at to learn the basics of categorizing and combining. 

The fruit list is endless, yet the categorizes are only three, and this is where we will start, with these three. The one we will start with is the Sub–Acid fruits group as this is the largest category as the mixing from here is virtually infinite in its possibilities. This group is the middle way you could say, and the amount you can diversify is endless. Then you have Acid fruits and Starch fruits that you can mix in. To expand even more with learning these needs a little more application and studying. 

            Here I will use a simple method that was a conception of necessity and of good luck, the need to minimize for the written word can exaggerate  something very  easy to comprehend, the instigation of the anagrams that I will now give you,  was a need as using sesquipedalian (Long winded) terms as an acquaintance would say is not concise enough, this simple coding I use and as many others use in the same way a lot in life, and in there simplicity they work well, as anagrams are memorable and so stick in the mind well. 

            The first is GFC (Good Food Combining) a very simple and precise explanation for what we are learning about. The other is BFC (Bad Food Combining) I will use these terms where I can to make the level of comprehension easy, even for the young as the faster they can obtain the knowledge, then a happier world we will be creating. Whichever category you choose to adhere to whether it be Carnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan, there are ways to make live a lot easier whatever you are eating. 

PDF's & Books

These charts are for people that would like to learn the art of food combining as there are many facets to the ways that are healthy to eat. There may be some little ways that a person may contemplate to change their dietary patterns that could optimise there health and what capabilities could attain, whether it is the attunement of body in regard to health, fitness, detoxing, defining musculature, just achieving a plant based diet and many more thing happen when returning themselves to a more balanced  level of nourishment.

Wild Rucola is a book based on the ways to food combine. It is a recipe book that is written with a healthy attitude towards eat well with the benefit of being nutritionally balanced. Whether you are a raw foodist or not, there are good health driven ways to prepare food for everyone even is it you would just like vegan food a few times a week.

Food Combining Charts