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Polices, Procedures & Disclaimer



Refund Policy:

The firm policies are simple ones, we the centre of Bush Healing aim to provide a good service with the best of intentions behind what we do, we are covered by our Insurance to treat clients were possible, within the stipulation of the the policy we hold with our agents Balens. Were merchandise is concerned we aim to give the customer what they have bought were possible, in the case that we have run out of stock we will provide a refund to the client or a note of credit that they may use in what way they would with the firm. There is of course a 14 day refund policy as with most companies.



The firm aims to send the articles to the client within a 3-5 day window yet if there is a wait time for stock to arrive then the customer will be informed, to the time needed to provided the items ordered.


Privacy Policy:

All customer and client information that is held by Bush-Healing is keep with the greatest of privacy and will remain completely private at all times, with no 3rd party being aloud access to the data at any time.



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