Food Combining Chart - Vegetarian Version 

The food combining charts are made for people who would like a improve there health generally, whether it is getting well, toning up, body build, aiming to attain higher levels of energy, through food combining well or eating a better diet.This is the first stage of the rebuilding of the bodies entire cellular structure, from here is a retraining of the body cells to expand and augment a healthier way of being. the training of the conscious will that develops from adhering to a good diet is beyond compair and unparalleled. These charts start with the 1st Stage of the treatment of good health and well being, a foundation. From here I will then explain the reintroduction of fruit to this diet, were it is acceptable so it does no harm to the constitution, so someone's health. We can relearn to eat a sensible way so, there ought not be any complications to our health further along the path of life.The use of these charts may give a base for attaining, good health there is a minumum of 3 months recommended of the 1st stage as a complete cleans is vital to getting on the road to recovery, a full detox is of upmost importance to start. Then the reintroduction of fruit after some meals is possible with this nutritional plan.


The posters are made of 100 % Post consumer Waste Paper, that has been sealed on the top side, so as to add sustainability to the product, the inks are also Vegetable based and the energy used is eco-friendly, as well.The reintroduction of fruit is an important one as there does seem to be a lack of sweetness so much if you do not have it in the diet for so long. As abundant it may be with out, if you do eat other sweeteners like maple syrup or coconut sugar. I do prefer to have the fruit there, even I found the diet a little ample at times, I do like the fruit sugar more than sweeteners. The first rules you need to abide by is the ones on the chart as they are your foundation, for a healthy diet then you can add the extras to the sensible laws given to you and this will give you a very comprehensive eating protocol. When you do start to incorporate the fruit or vegetables please remember to see that starches whether they are vegetable or grains do not mix well with fruit, so please abide by the eating times. Other than that you are free to eat merrily as you like to stay healthy.

Food Combining Chart - Vegetarian Version (PDF)

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