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Tibetan  Massage


Tibetan Remedial Massage is one of the principal therapies of Tibetan Ayurvedic Medicine and one of the most ancient forms massage found on Earth.


It is a specialty of Tibetan medicine, which specifically deals with the Tibetan Medicine Sutras (some of the Tibetan scriptures) found in the Gyud-Zhi (pronounced 'jyu shee') also known as the 'Four Tantras'. The massage has similarities to both Ayurvedic and Japanese Shiatsu massage treatments, the formulation of the therapy address the phlegm (Kapha) diseases, is a massage for the wind (Vata) diseases and is a hydrotherapy for the bile (pitta). The massage uses acupoints and spaces, with oils to aid many disorders.

Some therapists use sesame oil, however this can be phlegm-producing agent. A therapist may use chickpea flour as an anti-congestant, as oils can produce a mucus discharge producing.

Contraindications: High Fever, Inflammation, Infection, Swelling, by fluid retention.

Good Therapy:Appetite, Good bowel movements, Improved sleep more energy.

Bad Therapy: Nausea Insomnia Best Times to receive: Late afternoon or late am before lunch, aiming not to be hungry, full or fatigued. Winter is the best season as it is cool and temperate. Autumn and spring are also good.