In our modern-day society, whether it be the urban scrawl, or the Outer Hebrides the United Kingdom has destroyed most of its wilderness. The island assembly of terra firma is still floating on our pumice laden planet. Some may say for how long more, before we to sink into the sea and the tides of time wash away the evidence, that we were here at all just creatures living on the surface of a living heavenly realm that does not get half the respect that it actually is due. 

If you travel around the globe, and see from a watcher's perspective, how we live out of harmony with this natural phenomenon. Then you may be able to start to grasp the extent of the injustice that we as a human race have caused and summon our own devolution and so our own demise.  



We're evolving from Algae and amoeba as a beginning has given us a good start and aided by the most divine intervention. Our human race is still a greedy and prolifically interferent and inefficient species that expects to live off others energy.  A very cannibalistic domain, epiphytic  in nature that has been educated better, whether or not it gives credit, courtesy or graciousness to the source we come from.  

Our world is a sphere of spiritual evolution created to heal and educate, an ever-growing planetary consciousness of souls from all over the universe where genesis has aided again and again after a few collapses, and not just here on earth. Can our generation be different to past ones where we did not choose to help ourselves to gain a healthy footing. The waring galactic arena that has become our home, living on one planet and caring for that one earth home in our present. Change could come easily yet, self-discipline and obedience mar’s our viewing stance, laws set out are not heeded to when respecting the knowledge, we have been given is optimal.  

Today our planet is still green in places, most of the English countryside is arable land fostered to farm cattle for one purpose or another meat or dairy.  European communities the same, and beyond into the rest of the world.  With the intention to heal, some are making a stand to change the consciousness of the masses aiming to produce and cultivate more sustainably product made from vegetable and plant-based materials, were once we had no choices, we now have plant-based meat alternatives, so land that was once used to farm cattle and cloven beasts can now be made into arable land or better still rewilded.  

Greenhouse gases produced by our inability to have the foresight to stay stable and sensible, in our greed to consume and to be self-destructive. We have created landfill sites of an unfathomable vastness like welts and abbesses on earth just festering and waiting to implode and cause fragility, putting us into a state of delicacy that no one could see coming, again.    

The rainforests of the world cover just 1.84h billion hectares of the planet just 2% of the earth's surface. What is left of the forest absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide, not meeting what we produce as a human race.  

Yet it was not produced for our use, never intended for the removal of human insufficiencies. Rainforest is composed of 40 to 75 % of biotic species that are native and indigenous.  



The potential that there may be more species of plants, animals, and microorganisms that remain undiscovered is very large. The Pharmacopia that is yet to be discovered there, is profound, one quarter of the medicine found are from the rainforests.  Deforestation is the main cause of the issues we face, and this from our perspective is fundamentally hypocritical as we are relying on other people’s countries, to keep their rainforest unspoilt. When we as countries have deforested and damaged our forests and habitats. Just for wealth not considering basic needs as a human race or the larger picture of the rest of the inhabitants of the plant. Our own endemic forest in England are so dwindled down that they are near nonexistence. Due to the disappearing habitat and the extent of pollution in the atmosphere it has become unacceptable for human consumption, our deficit to the earth surpasses what we produce as a country.  

If we consider as a human race to change and start to rewilded so we to have swathes of forested land that dissipates our footprint, that we care for as a national interest.  

Biodiversity of this kind is only found in the forest canopy that is an area that has a continuous cover of foliage by adjacent treetops. Which is said to be home to 50% of all plant species, by using exploration of the canopy, there is the possibility of expanding our knowledge of plant medicine, and the species of life. 

Then there is the lower understory layer of the forest, which is inhabited by animals, this receives 5% of light so the environment is rich and devises. The forest floor is the next region that is a wealth of mycelium only receiving 2% of light, which we are only starting to comprehend. A network of living breathing energy that is health giving, full of vegetation.     

Human–induced deforestation can only produce a negative effect on the plant, cause drought, wildfires, and erosion, not fit for farming. When we have sustainable resources like hemp that is a staple crop that produces more than adequate wood fibre, plant food, or fuel there is no reason to plant other wood forest for harvesting as bamboo and hemp could potentially fix many problems we have today.  



The human plight that of the indigenous tribes those who are native to the rainforests is another reason that destroying them would be nonsensical they too are its inhabitants. I would not be so pleased to have people damaging my home, and food sources.  

With the loss of the forest, we are playing a dangerous game with ourselves, one of extinction roulette, not credible or with foresight. As a race we are not seeing the fallibility of our ignorance. In causing the deforestation we make our own crops fail, destroying the weather patterns. Caused by our hunger, we sit on the side of a precipice a very dry environment on one side because of the land erosion not being able to stabilise new growth, with our foundations crumbling under us as we still clear what little understanding we have. Not able to provide sustenance and grounding for the disappearing landscape.  

All of this has influenced the weather, some called it climate change. A narcissistic roundabout that does not have a stop button.  

One factor has an influence on the other, at present we are harbouring a large body of plastics an island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and this is not the only place that it is building up. There are ways that we are finding that are helping the removal of microplastics from the environment is one. A start conceivably, because of the decimation that we have laid havoc on our planet home. To survive as the coming generation, a mass clear up is needed and this is starting hopefully enough can be done to heal the planet, and let it rebirth.  


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