The art of meditation is a very healthy belief system to learn which can lead to benefit a person in many different ways . I knew about meditation from an earlier age. I started learning about meditation when I was introduced to a book on Buddhism which lead to the learning about Tibetan Buddhism,  yet did not actually look at books on the subject till then. The book I started with was 'The Tibetan book of the dead' this was to be a step into the unknown yet it felt quite familiar, as I ventured in to see what the knowledge of Buddhism held for me as an inquiring mind.

I have made a list of practices that I have delved into and investigate for the passed 22 years, with what I would say was a good amount of success. I have looked at the beliefs with I hope a none judgmental way and not scrutinised the information that I was given, and heeded the words written and offered to me as suggestions of other peoples views and appreciation of what they to have understood, by the teachings they learnt.           



Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind, whether it be the conscious, or subconscious mind and psychic to induce a mode of consciousness, some to either realize some benefit of conscience or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself, to a self-releasing process, of either rebirth, or renewal. There are many different paths you can explore this is just an insight from my own path.


Informative List:

 I can say that learning the practice has been a gift and an ongoing subject of education,  the inculcation of the knowledge and the aim towards some level of proficiency is an endeavour worth achieving.  Gaining the ability and competence to attune and adapt in the world as it is. Therefore all good willing we can accustoms to the changes that need to be made as the world needs a helping hand to heal.

The study of music as well is a very helpful form of therapy, and the research into it's realms is worth the effort, I suggest  looking at bio-acoustic music.  For the every selective and perceptive beings that we have become, you may enjoy. If you like to attune looking at music on a 432hz level is well worth the effort as it is the vibration of the heart. Also gong baths or Tibetan bowls  both are an incredible healing experience. Enjoy.

How paramount the future is to the present, when one is surround by children.

Charles Darwin

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