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'Veganism and the need for food' 

This conundrum has made it a necessity for me to learn and relearn what food is, what are its values, and the art of make it all tasty and good for you, and mix's well together. I started learning in earnest about food when I was about 20 years old, this is when I learnt that my mother had cancer, which not liking to worry me told me about in a little dilatory way. So together we embarked on a fact-finding mission, I aimed to aid her in her endeavour, there was information there but not all so comprehensive. As I was at University at the time and had to go on information that we were told by Doctors or Therapist.

Even then we did get given information which was good by some people. Yet it was not all very clear or comprehensive enough, and at the time the doctors and health care practitioners did not like to be firm enough in their definition for a person to follow in a healthy sensible way that they spoke about. Unfortunately, my mother passed way not having the aid and help needed to rectify the situation. This was very exasperating at the time and so I learnt holistic medicine, I now like to aid people learn for themselves to eat well and stay healthy.


Veganism aided me in many ways from a young age, my skin had started to get dermatological conditions which had not really been looked at when I was a child, doctors not being so interested in resolving issues with food allergies or intolerances, I did have one particularly nice good Doctor who did start me looking at my diet in a healthy way, as he was a dermatologist.

As long as I had dairy and especially milk which I did drink by the pint and that was from a young age, combined with Salt and Vinegar crisps. Hence the issuing allergy and intolerance. I broke out into bad Eczema so I had to give up milk, red fruits, and red meat which I was told exasperated the situation. When I did this all of them did dissipate to a certain extent. I must have been about fourteen years old, not so bad but the real cleaning was still to come.

Veganism has been a very pleasurable journey, filled with mystical occurrences which I found very normal, until I realised that not all people felt the same way I did. I started to put two and two together, the only common denominator was I was a vegan. The reasons I became a vegan, with my mother gone I had to grow up a little faster than I would have liked maybe but it did make me get very self-sufficient.

In this search for good food there has come an appreciation of nature and all its resources, from its muck and mire comes the seeds of good stead. Through learning about healthy food and how to combine it well so helping a good constitution, has come a like to teach others to do so as well, whether it be good food combining or veganism or animal cruelty free vegetarianism.


The bodies structure is a complex array of finely calibrated molecules, that harness energy, time and space as well as a person's weight and mass. This system is a composition of physical matter when on the earthly plain so physical space, the organisation of which is elemental made up of water, earth, air, ether, and wood. All of these elements need to be pure quality, to reach a healthy vibration, this we accomplish in the physical realm. I have placed a list here of people who have been researching the vibration of the earth over preceding years to bring people's attention to ways of doing this for themselves.

Water, consciousness, & Intent - Dr Masaru Emoto 
There will be classes on food combining and making good vegan food to come, please stay post as more information will become apparent.

If people would like to know a little more about the Organics industry then it is good to look on places like youtube for information, I have listed a few interesting topics that may interest people.

Monsanto the cultivation of GMOs or what the Law says about LMOs 
Detoxifying all the body - with Dr Sherry Rogers.

How paramount the future is to the present, when one is surround by children.

Charles Darwin

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