Statins & other Cholesterol lowering drugs

Statins & other Cholesterol lowering drugs

With all the research that is under way in this day and age, about the production of cholesterol removing or lowering drugs. This is the aim of medical professionals around the world, to reduce the risk is of heart disease or other disease bodies.

In the human race, many people have become susceptible to high levels of poor cardiovascular health, diabetes and elevated LDL known as bad cholesterol. These groups are at higher risk of heart disease. Allopathic clinicians from around the world, have drawn up guidelines that they aim to advise people by. They target high cholesterol with medical drugs in an aim to stay off early death due to heart disease and strokes.

Statins are one drug made by the pharmaceutical industry, to enable the removal of LDL ( Low-density lipoprotein) lipid-lowering medications such as Statins also known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, Statins are effective in lowering LDL cholesterol, and so are widely used for primary prevention in people at high risk of cardiovascular disease. They accomplish this by slowing down the HMG-CoA enzyme that is important to the body's manufacturing of cholesterol. The technical explanation of the method in which lipid lowering medications work may sound complicated, but understanding what statin drugs are means understanding how they work within the body to accomplish their functions LDL cholesterol can cause serious long term damage and consequences when it builds up in the body.


Even in the British Medical Journal analysis of the drugs has not been validated in many people's approach in it use, it is an established way of treating conditions associated with atherosclerosis and seen as a healthy enough to be used. As much as all the drugs that have been produced are and have been trailed about three quarters of them have reported no serious positive impact on the risk of dyeing, or of the risk of future cardiovascular disease. Some have a marked lowering of the LDL cholesterol reduction but researches have said that seeing as dozens of trails have failed to demonstrate a consistent assistance, that we need to question the theory and use of the drugs that are prescribed.


The photo above that show some of the food types that raise LDL in the body. A discerning person may need to come to the realisation that diet may have more to do with the state of a person health and there may need to be clearer guidance on learning nutritional advice. Animal cruelty derived products seem to be the main perpetuator's of ill health. The only way that we may be able to deal with this problem is to remove the causes of this ill health by looking at our nutritional needs and breaking down the structure that has been degraded and remove the damage that has been done to the body, then to re-enable it, teaching the body to live a healthier life by eating food more appropriate to generate healthy cell life to sustain it.


Learning more about a healthy diet, and exercising regularly is of greater importance, to the anatomy and physiology. Some of the food items that are cholesterol remover's are above. As the need to eat well is so important to a person's life, were you derive the energy that sustains you is very crucial to the health of not only the body but the mind as well. The side effects of the drugs use are many such as muscle degeneration, potentially cognitive issues as well, damage to liver, increased risk of diabetes mellitus (pancreatic), neuropathic issues as well, or sexual dysfunction.

With all this underlying problems needing to be address there could be a great improvement in gaining knowledge from eating well in the first place. As one great man did say " Let food be thy medicine" I will let you decide for yourselves.

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