Why Alternative Medicine

Make a habit of two things, to do good & to do less Harm.



In order to deal with digestive issues seeing a therapist can resolve problem that may occur. Many people like to ignore the topic altogether.



The subject of fatigue is one that is sensible to deal with as quickly as possible even if it needs years to slow down fully and relax in to life completely. When looking at contention in your life it can be exhausting.



There are many ways to detox the body and relax the mind, as the calm that is needed to give the body a full rest is in many ways to clear the mind as well.


Women's Health

Changing the way your lifestyle is and aiding others especially children can be very rewarding. Many people just need that little bit of knowledge to set them straight or give them the right orientation.


Weight Loss

Weight is one those issues that has different connotations for everyone, whether it be to gain or loss.



Management of stress is for those who are not afraid of seeing the need for change, the physical body  has an automated frequency that seeks out harmony with the mental & emotional.

How paramount the future is to the present, when one is surround by children.

Charles Darwin

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  • Ginseng

    Ginseng is another name for the Renshen herb. 

  • Statins & other Cholesterol lowering drugs.

    With all the research that is under way in this day and age, about the production of cholesterol removing or lowering drugs.