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Bush Healing Centre

Ayurvedic Yogic Massage (Lymphatic Drainage)

Ayurvedic Yogic Massage (Lymphatic Drainage)

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This Massage is an ancient therapeutic art form.

Ayurvedic Yogic Massage is a blend of Deep tissue and lymphatic drainage, with the added benefits of relaxation and motivation imbuement. 

The practice uses firm pressures to detoxify and rejuvenate the body, relaxing the whole system. It involves a series of treatments and movements that are strong, yet combined with the yoga stretches, bring about the de-stressing that the body needs to aid it heal. The massage uses oil and a herbal powder, called Calamus made from chickpeas, which has an antiseptic



and anti-inflammatory properties. This massage is a deep tissue massage, and uses hands, fist, finger, thumbs, and feet, as well as a stool for some of the moves were possible, to enable the pressures and stretches to open up the body as much as possible.

Ayurvedic Yogic Massage is an effective therapy for many ailments. Treatments are given on a mattress on the floor or a massage bed. The treatment aims to free up the pranic flow, waking more chi, so creating a healthier environment for the body to function. This removes toxins, clears and regulates the blood stream, and has a strengthening effect on the musculoskeletal and immune systems.


100% Post Consumer waste paper printed with vegetable based printing inks.

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This product is not waterproof, please be careful when handling or food preparing around it.

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