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Bush Healing Centre

De-Stress (Californian) Massage

De-Stress (Californian) Massage

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De-Stress massage is performed with essential oils that are blended, to aid a complete treatment. This can resolve and help to combat the pressure that may have occurred, with ongoing stress and strain on and in the body. It is also known as a relaxation or Californian massage. The therapy is a total body relaxation immersion that is made with essential oils that aids healing and restoration of the body, leading to a complete letting go of stress and enabling the core to deal with strain. Working on meridians and acupressure spaces in the body, the therapy soothes to recalibrate the cellular structure, helping the flow of energy to heal. It also can be very rebirthing, aiding the body to restore itself.


Photographic Session, Magnifying glass for the eyes.

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Eye are a delicate part of the body, please careful to treat them with respect that they are due.

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