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Bush Healing Centre

Food Combining Charts

Food Combining Charts

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Food Combining Charts :

Vegan chart

Vegetarian Chart

Carnivore Chart

All the charts are based on aiming to aid people with their food combining to help with the potential to digest more easily. It combines a lot of knowledge on how to gain the most  that you can to facilitate a lifestyle,  healthy digestion times, good combination & bad ones. The idea is to make life easier by keeping a healthy diet, so that you can optimise your eating patterns. Keeping yourself in shape, with a good immune system, sustaining vitality and stability, gaining mental clarity. The charts are the first step in a process of breaking down the ill health in your bodies so that it may detox and rejuvenate the anatomy and physiology. Whereby breaking down toxicity that has been building up and not being released. Whether its residue, deposits, or any other accumulation in the body it can usually be broken down and removed. As this is the first stage of the process, once you have studied it then it is easier to grasp the concept and follow on with the second part of integrating a little more complex combining. The chart can be used, to detox, gain or use weight or manage it, invigorate, revitalise all those healthy beliefs can be made manifest of in a healthy way. Having a consultation or going on a retreat with the centre could be one of the thing that you like to consider learning more is alway a good way to integrate more knowledge to sustain yourself.  Happy Eating ! 



100% Post Consumer waste paper printed with vegetable based printing inks.

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This product is not waterproof, please be careful when handling or food preparing around it.

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