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"Tanto la sombra y la luz, dan amor eterno."

"Et lux et umbra, caritatem aeternam."
"Both shadow & light, bear eternal love."

Celabonline is a company that has been in business, for the last 27 years. The history is a time old tale, the director of the company, having previously, worked in the clothing trade, firstly for herself. Then formulated and worked as a partner in a company called Bliss who used to make street and club wear, at present most of the design work is made in house and then integrated in to the cloths designs and then manufactured.

Most of the manufacturing of Celabonline is made in Bali Indonesia or India, they have started to grow Eco-friendly organic fibers, to make materials.

After working for Bliss, the director decided to return to Europe, to endeavour to find Eco-friendly fabrics, and did look for about 3 years, at all the fabrics that were being produced at the time. The footwork that was needed, to actually find the material was a semi-arduous task and the mission to let alone find organic thread, Ha Ha! You may say to yourself, that this topic may not be an issue, but ah.... Did you say that you were living on earth? The fact that you may actually have to find two completely different producers of the products you may need is next to insanity if I was training to be a Wusalum Bird, this may have been a test run (Wusalum - A bird that flies around in ever decreasing circles and then flies unceremoniously up its own derriere or Bottom as the English like to call it. 




Oh yes, you may contemplate that it would be easy to find, but alas not so, as the director found out, after many hours on the internet & in the physical world, which did expand into days then so on.

Whilst bypassing the testing time of feeling like summoning dementia, the mission was complete to a certain degree. We managed an escape and found solace, in the fact that there was anything at all being produced. Yet, we were progressing, and there was growth and this at least was comforting.

To cut a long story short, we did find what we were looking for, yet still suffice to say, the materials do come from all around the world.

Next time, the director has said, "Maybe I may send Pas by tu, to find it all for me", then again nothing is worth it if you do not make the effort in the first place," I will send a telex.......... perhaps instead.”

The idea behind Celabonline is and has been to collect products from many different crafts people from wherever we find good healthy sustainable products, which do happen to be from all around the globe, and conglomerate, there abilities to manufacture and produce items that aid, and enhance people's lives. Crafting at it's best.


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