Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing, or Gem Vibrational Healing as it is also known, uses crystals for many different purposes.

The therapy is widely used to clear and clean the mind, body and soul of old beliefs or behaviour patterns. This involves the auric bodies or spiritual light bodies,  as well as the physical body to aid both in mental and emotional healing. 
The stones can also be used though preparing essences and gem water for consumption. It is also possible to use crystals to clear deformations and irregular cellular patterns. 

Quartz Crystal

Crystals can be successfully used to treat skin abrasions, remove moles and warts and other skin conditions and to heal old scars from injuries operations. Crystal treatments help to remove the old patterns that have formulated the scar and altered the genetics,and aid in re-hydrating, re-metabolising, and integrating any degenerated cellular structure. 
The therapy can also be used to heal other scarification, tattoos, brands and other skin piercing's which could create patterns of un-sustainability or instability. that may inhibit the bodies meridians, and so growth and health. When using a machine-made or human unfacilitated energetic body, it is good to clear and clean the cellular scaring that the deformation have caused as it could effect the levels of fluidity and flexibility of the body and diminish the strength of the acupressure and acupuncture points and lines.

Chakara System


Above we see a chart depicting seven major chakras, the body also has two minor chakras located in the thighs and calves muscles these minor chakras need to be looked after just as much as the major one as if they are not opened, then the major one will not open and clear themselves. 

Therefore when considering purchasing a healing for yourself or someone else as it is also possible to send healings to you or friends and relatives for specific things such as scar tissue or tattoos any self-harming scar tissue as the healing does not need to be done in a person's present. This is done by having the person send their name or person's name who they would like to be healed and the specifics weather the item or items that require the work (the particular scar or tattoo) are upper, middle or lower Anatomically, or just to ask for a certain kind of healing and discuss the options, and to have the healing sent to them. Hands on work can be more enjoyable, because of the professional interaction , but for most of the work it is not necessary. Money can be sent and work would be completed to an agreed quotations. We may decline work if it is deemed unsuitable for this type of healing. With work done on a tattoo or other scaring , the initial work focuses on healing the effects of the scaring , and the damage and the detrimental effects that has been caused. With continued work over time the saturation of ink on the dermis and epidermis, like fabric, will clear itself with the help of the crystal healing, so will and would fade away with a little help and disappear.

About  the healing and the unfacilitated Scar tissue and Tattoo’s, apart from them being needed to be healed as they can cause ill health, there is also the need to be accountable for them, as they may be or are idolatry, images and so need diligently grounding . So the owners of the tattoos or scar tissue need to do one of a couple of things to ground the degeneration of cells, and to gain the aid and added advantage of incoming spiritual mania that they would be receiving and need to ground, and so dissipate the detrimental effects of the past narcissistic abusive behaviour. To have themselves marked either permanently or impertinently (which would need repeating if not permanent i.e. pen), which would therefore cover them for the images, whether the method is painful or not, this would also be covered for by the spirit world, as it does course pain, so there would be the simple way of just, having themselves marked which is sensible with a word like 'Idolatry' or 'idolatre' or even just id. (The dot being very important as it is an abbreviation, and needs to be depicted as such), or a person can and could mark themselves with what they have depicted if they like, with the items name i.e. Cat, Dog, and Ganesha etc.…. Otherwise unscrupulous beings do use people, and the not so respectful, can alleviate and can and do start to make manifest of peoples resources there life blood, when a person does something detrimental to themselves, and so would be making manifest of the conscious minds, bodies, and so souls, as well as use there conscious, unconscious mind and psychic, yet only while they are not being respectful of the spirit world, and protecting themselves how they have been taught to, or being looked at by others, not when the tattoos are covered over by cloths. This will just diminish the person who has the tattoo, as long as the relationship is platonic. 



The Merkaba a above is part of the spiritual light bodies and it's configuration is very specific we are covered in a very large sphere, metaphysically a triple layered arraignment that is interwoven with our physical bodies. One inside the other so healing is best achieved considering the both in unison.

Basically, they alleviate and diminish  a person of all their Extracellular fluidity otherwise known as Chi(Ki) and plasma from there blood, which produces Sparticle particle Energy metaphysically, Intercelular structure and Positive Magnetic, aswell Intercelular fluidity and Positive Kinetic energy, and just so we do not lose any, to any unscrupulous beings along the journey. As this would be investing their energy in to unhealthy believes, and so their behaviour would come across, in a very detrimental manner, and would orientate towards being barbaric and very violent. So just best to keep things healed, and health in the first, yet we can always fix things in any case, and pleased to do so.

The idea of crystal healing is to clear and clean the debris from all the spiritual light bodies as well as the physical body, so there is a union with the both. The metaphysical state is a very subtle one which needs constant honing and training. There are many hours of knowledge to study if someone is so inclined, we are as humans made up of a number of light bodies as well as the physical body.



How paramount the future is to the present, when one is surround by children.

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