Iris Diagnosis

The therapy is a safe and therapeutic science that provides a portal to the vital information needed to establish the root causes of ailments. Iridology can be integrated with complementary medicine and orthodox (allopathic care) and is very safe.

A trained iridologist can use the information given by the iris as a macro view for identification purposes, to diagnose the bodies levels of vitality, health, and well being outlining its weaknesses if there are any. It can be used to identify areas of inflammation due to stress and strain or build up fo toxins. To assess the state of the internal organs and the efficiency of the eliminative systems, and to see the signs of any underlying shock or trauma causing by dysfunction or affecting a person's general health.


The eyes are often called the windows of the soul, this is just how it feels when you look at another person's soul, aiding people to see how they are, and what there life is all about when they really look at themselves in a healthy way. When you have to look at a person's eyes, you know when a person is honest, and that's all you need to know about a person. Whether I can see that connection to their higher self, and if they like to know and have that hunger for the truth, that I feel also about life.

 The basic therapy is a diagnosis of the whole eye in it's e entirety the therapist will look at the totally of the eyeball and the surrounding structure the lids and under the eye. An eye is a basic map or blueprint of the body and what goes on internally, the internal organs and  the rest of the structure of the Physiology and Anatomy, whether it be circulation, respiratory, or lymphatic systems and so on.

Gathering the information is a job worth doing yet, it needs some time to do and capturing photos of the eye, a good way of explaining the functionality of and  the workings within. How a person can aid the body process the things going on in it and happening to it, in a more harmonious way. 

The Eye


The Eye has many different parts as I will aim to explain, there is a map of the  first stage of diagnosis verifying all the different sections, within so you can distinguish which part are which. 

As you can see the muscular structure of the eye is very complex, this being so the time it needs Optometrist (Vision & Eye Care Services), Ophthalmologists (Total Eye Care MD's) to train as doctors is an extensive amount of time.

The degeneration that occurs in the eye is the build up of the continues use on a cellular level so a blueprint of the harm done, so you can see all the pollutants and here contributing factors escalate as the damage in some cases persist, and in the long run impair a person's sight.

Iris Structure


 As with the chart above the tissue structure dose fall apart and quite literally get burnt and erode away, the deterioration can be extensive place usually not over the whole eye.

The Stages of degenerative impact to the tissue reflexes are quite heavy causing collapse as a result. The varying levels of change are substantial starting with acute, and progressing though to subacute, chronic, and finally a state of degenerative. 


Zones of the Iris


 These zones are actually very important as they co-ordinate with the enter body, each ring is a part of the internal body and every year of your life your body goes though your enter physiology and cleans meticulously though out if you treat it well.

Especially if you know you are the kind as person that likes to detox, as the bodies zones organize themselves and collocate with areas of the body. The zones of the Iris you can read like a chart. 


Iris Zones


If you are looking at the Zones of the iris, and the clearing of the body in it's whole entirety. There is the to need to calculate that it actually needs 7 years to detox the body of the chemical and substance abuse that we have ingested or intergrated to in our cellular structure. There is a simple process that occurs in the physiology and anatomy, whereby it clears very methodically starting with the Stomach and the Ruff Zone, then moves on to all the other zones working its way out from there and as the body clears all the layers then it becomes more functional so happier. As the Lymph and the ciliary Border clear so do the Pupillary Ruff and Pupil, then you can see the really difference. Yet this does happen all the time so the body is calibrating continually, so looking at the procedure as an ongoing event is encourage and motivating, the whole matter need not be to time consuming.

The Pupil & Pupillary Ruff or Boarder

The pupil at the center is the center of everyone's eye so we are all the same when it comes down to brass tacks, there we will find the root of the soul and a persons brainstem. Surrounding this you have the ruff, margin or border, this area is the region that indicate the health of the spinal column and cord.

Spinal Map

The Intestines

 The Intestines is one of the next areas we come to, were with the reading of the large Intestine were a lot of emotions are grounded as your emotions are a part of your genetic make as it is a very sensitive area that does make a good part of surface space were a lot of feelings are encompassed both physically, and your health is part of that whole region as you are your emotions and the general health of your lower physiology is the state of your health and of your emotions, so good health is a stable emotional demeanour, as well as lower anatomy.

Intestine Iris Map

The eye as a whole is an amazing piece of mechanical intricacy, made up of muscles that are very abeyant and tell all when seen, and read carefully. Eyes are the windows that explain all the inner functionality of the body as the maps of the whole eye reflects.

To explain the whole process of the eye would be to numerable here as only a book or a documentary may suffice so I have explained a little of what an Iridologist actually does when looking at the human eye. I hope I have shown some of the delicate diaphanous yielding knowledge that eye holds, there is much to know if there is any more information please do not hesitate to contact the center.

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