Director / Professional Therapist

Blanard Prior-Byrne

Alternative Practitioner &  Holistic Therapist 


The Bush Healing Centre is a clinical practice that aids to enable those people who would, heal themselves.

Comprising of a body of practices that aims to remove stress and strain, so aiding healing, supporting and assisting the healthy rejuvenation of the anatomy so cells and the process of detoxifying the body as a whole unit. 

Working with people to undeplete themselves so dealing with their daily needs to stay healthy and enable themselves to hydrate, nourish, and keep a good level of health.  In respect of their daily schedules, the aim is to attain and reserve a sensible condition as well as  potentially caring for others as well with there's in regard to children, or dependants.

Firstly I will introduce myself, as the director of the centre. I come from a line of artist and crafts people, from the roaming travellers to the clan chief of the green Isle of Eira across the water to the west of England and the irish sea. My name is Blànard and I at present am directing the Bush Healing Centre, writing books and producing Food Combining Charts. The practice consists of many therapies, all dealing with the everyday maladies to the more serious illness such as tumors, cancer, autoimmune diseases and more. My first contact with alternative medicine was from an early age as my mother was an avid follower of natural health care, with fasting and herbal remedies. This started an interest in the knowledge of herbalism and healing ways.

"Servire et tueri"

'Serve and protect'

Blanard Prior-Byrne

The whole practice started in Goa while there on business, finding that work was consuming and relaxing was an necessity there was a need to find ways to remove the pressure that accumulated, hence were the knowledge of massage first came in to play. Learning Ayurvedic Yogic Massage was the best way to relax and find new friends, and to expand the knowledge that was already there, was a way to find a new level  of expansion and stretching. 

After the Indian Ayurvedic Massage came Tibetan Massage which differs a little more subtle and meridian based, but very soothing and calming field of knowledge to use.

With having an already profound love of Yoga and practicing regularly, so the expansion of specialty grew, as the travel became part of the routine, learning about other cultures an avid appreciation of diversity.

The actual therapies that the centre offers are Iridology a discipline that was taught by an ex-cardiologist Dr Benson who's direction I was under while learning, and gaining the diploma and the authority to treat people, I so greatly enjoyed the teaching that I became a professional Iridologist. Studying the eye in great detail is an amazing art, and so became part of the Guild of Iridologist in London.

Auricular Acupuncture was the next, a training that was taught by a man called John Tindall at the Yuan Traditional Medicine clinic, as I to have been no angel to the ways of the chemical and substance, and experimented with drink and drugs. The practice came easily as I had already given up all my substance abuse issues, so found it very easy to find an affinity with the subject. So helping others to abstain from the use of drugs whether it be milder forms like refined sugars, GMO's or meat that may create eating disorders. Or harder forms of drugs usage like cocaine, LSD, or Heroin,  or pharmaceutical  drugs, large or small its abuse and in need of being dealt with, in a healthy way.

In a more metaphysical way the art of Crystal Healing has been a love for many years, I have had many healings from different practitioners and this love made me feel like joining in. So the knowledge of the stones and minerals has greatly enhanced my life in the respect that I have learnt to be a jeweller because as it, to aid in prevention.

A not so profound therapy is the Ear candling this was learnt as a simple area of healing that just relaxes a person so they can be still and breath easy, helping clear the energy bodies, aiding metaphysical light bodies more so.

Nutrition was learnt in the UK with two separate colleges, firstly one in Raw Foodism and then in Whole Nutrition gaining knowledge, to aid comprehensively to treat and guide people with food combining, dietary planning whether it be weight loss or gain, dealing with eating disorders, and general wholefood eating, or shopping guidance.

I am still learning more in the mental health field as mind and body work together, so have completed a diploma in ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and SEND (Special Education needs & Difficulties). I have a diploma in Mental health in Children & Young Adults as well all very worthwhile.

There are plans to develop the instruction further, yet conditions, time, and energy prevailing this will happen sequentially. 

The centre is a charitable company and gives 10% of it annual income to charities that it finds responsible to donate to each year.



Save the Rhino


International Tibet Network

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