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Moonstone Encased in EcoSilver

Moonstone Encased in EcoSilver

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Moonstone from Thailand with EcoSilver (Hallmarked in the UK) 100% recycled silver.

The connection to the moon, is this stones property just one of its many abilities at soothing emotions during the the ebbing and flowing of the months moon cycle. The Moonstone crystal healing properties are the best stones for balancing hormones and providing support during the periodic changes of the hormonal change it the body such as puberty or menopause.
Wear Moonstone jewellery next to the heart on a necklace and always feel its glowing capabilities of the anti irradiation abilities it has, and the energy to illuminate your aura and everything around you. An all round good healing stone.



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The practice uses firm pressures to detoxify and rejuvenate the body, relaxing the whole system. It involves a series of treatments and movements that are firm, yet combined with the yogic stretches, brings about the de-stressing that the body needs to aid it heal.

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