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Pendant - Crystal held in a Silver Band

Pendant - Crystal held in a Silver Band

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Quartz Crystal Pendant Uncut stone, held in a Sterling Silver band approximately 2 - 2.5cm in length.

They are known for their purifying effects, Quartz crystals are known as “master healing crystals,” Quartz crystals enable the underlying structure of the aura so the mental etheric body – you can imagine this like your emotional skeleton. These crystals that make them likewise good for protecting your home from negative energy. clearer connection to your inner self it won’t heal everything overnight, but it will certainly help you with aligning with the tools and imbue skills you need to find these resources lovingly for yourself and those around you. The crystals are said to stimulate the immune system and help with physical energy and resiliency in the face of ill health and sickness. Yet there are so many thing that they are good for that you may like to research them more.



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The practice uses firm pressures to detoxify and rejuvenate the body, relaxing the whole system. It involves a series of treatments and movements that are firm, yet combined with the yogic stretches, brings about the de-stressing that the body needs to aid it heal.

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